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Dream tracer and graham follower

D’ Almeida

I’m Diva Almeida, professionally known as D’Almeida, and I’ve been a freelancer final art professional since 1997. I’ve vectorized and treated images for all kind of printing techniques. Therefore, most of my clients were professionals and graphic companies.

Final art activity provided me contact with the most varied graphic standards manuals from Portugal, Spain and England. As a result, these 24 years of prepress and print experience enabled solid basis for other developed areas like editorial design and web services.

My web services were aimed to self-employed or small businesses in order to provide a highly personalized, direct and qualified service.

In 2016, having entered a totally new phase in my life, I went back to more artistic work, resuming my old skills as an illustrator and vector animator. I am always inspired by themes of body expressiveness, enigmas and strong colors.

I am also a reader interested in biographical subjects and occult sciences. I love Nature, sports and meditation.

The future is Art.

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